Pre-holiday maintenance is essential. The fantastic staff in our Replenish Day Spa have suggested 6 Top Tips for getting holiday ready, starting from your toes right up to the ends of your hair, follow our 2-week guide and you’re bound to hit the plane ready to sizzle on the beach or in the pool!

Tip # 1 – Feet and Hands

When: More than two weeks before

Get your toes flip flop ready. Pamper your feet and rid them of any dry skin. For strong, healthy-looking nails, prep your nails before any holiday with coconut oil. It’s an easy treatment to do at home and the difference you will see in your nails is amazing. It strengthens and hydrates plus it has antibacterial properties. For best results, apply the coconut oil at night before bed. Hydrating your feet will help to stop them getting sore in your flip-flops.

Manicure | Pedicure - It's best to have a manicure or pedicure a couple of days before your holiday as this will ensure it lasts for the duration. Avoid the heartbreak of chipped nails by having Shellac professionally applied to your nails.

Replenish Spa - Manicures and Pedicures available from €25 - €55

Shellac from €15.00

Tip # 2 - Hair Care

When: Three days to a week before

A haircut before you travel will help get your hair in top condition. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sunshine it’s important to protect your colour. Use a conditioner in your hair if you are going to be getting it wet. If not, wear a hat and cover your hair. Sun, chlorine and sea water dries the hair and strips it of moisture. Coconut oil can also be used in the hair as an overnight mask to hydrate and protect the hair before travelling abroad to hotter climates.

Tip # 3 - Wax

When: Three days before

The least glamorous and most painful part of anyone’s beauty prep should be saved for at least three days before you go. This will allow time for your skin to calm down, it’s essential to avoid applying any creams for a minimum of 24 hours after waxing to ensure your follicles/pores have constricted to avoid products causing irritation or infection.

Replenish Spa – Waxing – Prices start from €10.00 (Note - 48-hour patch test required)

Tip # 4 - Lash Tint

When: A few days before

Getting your eyelashes tinted before going away is an absolute must. Go for the darkest colour for the best effect and all you’ll need to bring is a clear mascara for night time. This gives you the length and volume you need and ensures you won’t have the panda eyes look at the pool.

Brow tinting is also a great idea, especially if they are fair or undefined. This will save you having to draw them on or pencilling them in every day.

Replenish Spa - Eyelash tinting €15, Brow tinting €10 (Note - 48-hour patch test required)

Tip # 5 – Skin Care

When: A few days to a week before

Just like the face, hydrating your body is essential for healthy, youthful looking skin. Using a good quality moisturiser daily and incorporating hydration body wraps is an excellent way to keep the skin looking its best.

Holiday Skin - There are 3 key factors to achieving perfect holiday skin

  • Exfoliation - Rid your body of any dead skin and patchy tan. Your tan will also last much longer and look so much better.
  • Moisturising - Hydrate the skin and create the perfect base.
  • SPF - No matter your skin type or age, your skin needs protection. It is vital to apply this regularly (once per hour). Use a product designed specifically for your face to help avoid breakouts and a greasy appearance.

Replenish Spa - Exfoliation treatments starting from €30 (30 minutes)

Replenish Spa - Luxurious wraps available from €80

If you’re planning a facial before your holiday, now is the time, this will ensure the pores are thoroughly cleaned plus massage drains any excess fluid, aiding circulation and leaving the skin firm, radiant and glowing with no dead skin.

Replenish Spa - Facials from €59

Tip # 6 - Self Tan

When - The day before

Spray Tan - If you’re planning a spray tan, it’s important to save that for after a wax, don’t set foot in the tanning salon until at least 48 hours after your wax as the pores will still be open, and don’t forget that freshly waxed skin tans more evenly too.

Replenish Spa – Spray Tan prices start from €15.00

Replenish Spa at Rochestown Lodge Hotel and Spa offers a unique, holistic, relaxing and pampering experience. Our spa consists of a thermal suite area including a Jacuzzi, hydro pool, sauna, steam room, swimming pool, 9 treatment rooms, 2 relaxation areas, a Mani Pedi bar and tanning room.

We have fantastic weekday offers available. To find out more or to book a treatment, contact a member of our Beauty Team now. View our spa brochure HERE.

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