Busy Schedules? Don’t worry!We all have hectic lives that leave us little or no time to work-out or even get to the Gym, so here’s my tips and guidance on how to get you back on track to exercising and also a fantastic outline for a quick and easy workout called “Tabata” that you can even fit into the most hectic of schedules!

Tabata Workout – What is it?

Tabata, also known as the 4-minute workout will have you out of breath quickly plus get your heart racing, it’s perfect for someone seeking to experience results within short time constraints.

“It’s a timed interval training that alternates between 20-second intervals performed at maximum effort with 10- second stages of rest, this is repeated 8 times for the ultimate exhaustive 4-minute workout” Kasia, Radiate Fitness & Leisure)

Benefits of Tabata

  • Burns fat
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Increases aerobic endurance
  • Maximises your time
  • Makes you feel great!

One of the key benefits of Tabata Training is that you can create different types of training depending on your fitness level for example;

Tabata Workout 1

Rowing Machine

Row intensely for 20 seconds

Rest for 10 seconds

Repeat 8 x times

Total Workout - 4 minutes

Tabata Workout 2

Pool Aqua Workout

Pool running (intense) for 20 seconds

Rest for 10 seconds

Repeat 8 x times

Total Workout - 4 minutes

Why not make an appointment for a free trial in our Radiate Fitness & Leisure Gym here at The Rochestown Lodge Hotel and Spa in Dun Laoghaire, and discuss a fitness programme that will suit you and your busy schedule!

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